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  • White wines


    Winery "KOVACEVIC"-Irig


    Distinctive flavor and aroma fills the complex taste with a slight tone of bitterness in the background resembles the taste of dried figs and almonds.
    Superior quality and specificity of this wine comes to the fore if served chilled at a temperature of 10-12 ° C.

  • Red wines

    Merlot Selection

    Winery "DO KRAJA SVETA"-Kovilj

    Merlot Selection

    The original taste and aroma are the gift of 30 year old vineyard in the Leskovac wine-growing region. We recommend it with veal and lamb roast, barbecue and spicy foods, served at a temperature of 16-18 oC.

  • Rose

    Winery "ALEKSANDROVIC"-Oplenac

    Varijanta Oplenac

    Striking wild strawberry aroma with tones of rose. Refreshing and sweet, fruity, very drinkable wine with a long aromatic finals. According to the structure and strength, the wine is at the transition between the pink of red wine.

  • Sparkling wines


    Winery "DI LEONARDO"-Italy

    Valdo Prosecco

    Valdo Prosecco is made from varieties of the same name Prosecco is light golden color with greenish reflections. It has a slightly floral and rounded sound, good balance sweetness and freshness and lively bubbles that create pleasant and elegant taste.