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  • Hors d'œuvre (cold)

    Hors d'œuvre (cold)

    Beef tongue with pepper

    Beef tongue cut in slices spicy taste with white pepper, soy sauce, garlic and sesame seeds.

  • Hors d'œuvre (hot)

    Hors d'œuvre (hot)

    Roasted pork with sezame and white pepper

    Roasted pork cut in thin strips with a spicy taste and topped with toasted sesame seeds.

  • Soups


    "Flores" Indonesian soup

    Marinated mushrooms, chicken, eggs, carrots, cabbage.

  • Hot dishes

    Hot dishes

    Veal pieces with fresh mushrooms

    Veal cut in slices with fresh mushrooms, leek sauce in Jakarta sauce.

  • Side dishes

    Side dishes

    Rice with eggs

    Thai long grain rice with eggs.

  • Salads


    Sea algae salad

    Chinese sea algae, fresh cabbage, cucumber, carrot and leek.

  • Desserts


    "Surabaya" banana

    Banana, ice cream, whipped cream, seasonal fruits and chocolate sauce.

Hot dishes

    • Breaded chicken with shrimps in oyster sauce (new)
    • Breaded chicken with honey and pineapple (new)
    • Chicken with mushrooms in sour sauce
    • Dong An chicken "Eastern Peace"- leek,ginger,peanuts and hot pepper
    • Hot chicken cubes with bomboo-mushrooms and "Sakra", the Indonesian brandy
    • Pork with green pepper and bamboo
    • Pork in hot chilli sauce-soya sauce, mustard,Brussels sprouts
    • Beef in "Carry" sauce
    • Chopped beef with red onions
    • Roasted pork from Bali-Brussels spouts,ingver,chilli sauce and palm suger
    • Tendons in hot souce
    • Chopped pork with cabbage and bamboo
    • Cubed pork with sweet sauce-pineapple,bomboo and jam
    • Roasted pork chops in sweet and sour sauce-mushrooms,chinese vinegar and soy sauce
    • Cauliflower with scampi and mushrooms
    • Indonesian lamb kebab-peanuts and carry
    • Sunball cuttlefish with tree specialities-ham,mushrooms and chicken
    • Cuttlefish "Bali" style in sour and chilli sauce
    • Dry chopped cuttlefish
    • Fried fish with chilli
    • Fried fish with sweet sauce
    • Fried peas in soya sauce-ham,bamboo and mushrooms
    • Pork with ravioli
    • "Saty" lamb from Madun-chilli sauce,Brussels spouts,coconut
    • "Charmaine" lamb slices
    • Bomboo with shamps-carrots, cucimbers
    • Veal kebab in "Jakarta" sauce
    • Veal pieces with fresh mushrooms
    • Langouste with bamboo
    • Beefsteak pieces "Bekasi"
    • Meat balls in challi sauce
    • Seafood combinations
    • Turkey in chilli sauce
    • Sea leaf